• Workshops in Sonic Interaction Design

    Exploring everyday sound-movement-environment relationship with creative workshop to teach sonic interaction design in multidisciplinary settings.

    Latest workshops given at IRCAM (Paris), Parsons (NYC), Goldsmiths University (London), KHB (Bergen)

  • Mobile media and sound artworks

    My recents projects explored questions of pedestrian mobility in the domain of technologically mediated listening experiences, such as augmented soundwalks and soundmaps.

  • Sound design

    I am a sound designer for cinema and multimedia productions.

Latest projects

  • Alone with Empire

    Soundtrack composition for multichannel audio-video installation; Soundtrack composition for promotional videos - The installation provides a critical space to be alone with films from the British Empire and Commonwealth Collection (BECC), aiming to challenge the ways in which colonial film footage can be presented and experienced. A commission by IC Visual Lab, Bristol (2018), curated and designed by Alejandro Acin and Isaac Blease, in collaboration with Nick Diacre (Software Design), Edson Burton (Narration author and voice) and Daniel Bosworth (building).

  • Loom:┬áChartless Rudderless Night

    Loom: Chartless Rudderless Night is a collaboration between choreographer Claire Pen├žak, dancers Merav Israel and Will Thorburn, moving image artist John McGeoch and composers Helen Papaioannou and Alessandro Altavilla. It is part of the Loom project, and here the loom is inspired by the lighthouses of Orkney.

  • The Quiet Walk

    The Quiet Walk is an interactive mobile artwork that allows users to make a walking exploration of urban space, driven by the sonic information captured on a smartphone Instead of using a geographical reference in order to navigate around the city, the mobile suggests to avoid particular noisy areas of city, giving directions to reach quiet zones. The data collected generates a constantly changing map of the city according to its sounds.

  • The Loud Self

    The loud self is an installation commissioned for the collective exhibition "Reassembling the Self" curated by Susan Aldworth and VANE Gallery. It explores phenomena frequently described by people affected by schizophrenia, relating online production of self-confessions on twitter, automatically generated spoken text and online/local radio broadcasting.

  • An Arbitrary System For Tuning Fabrics

    An Arbitrary System For Tuning Fabrics is a series of responsive, embroidered textiles for delicate digital sound control designed in collaboration with Berit Greinke.

  • Osmosis

    A site-specific installation by Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, Alessandro Altavilla, Andrzej Wojtas. Osmosis is a sonic response to the physical and infrastructural characteristics of 5 Forth Street in Newcastle UponTyne, a space carved from one of the main railways bridges of the city.

  • The Flying Ear

    A tour of the sounds of the city through the ear of a balloon. Latex balloons, six meters audio cable, semi-binaural microphones, audio recorder, headphones. Commissioned by Newcastle City Council, for the exhibition Creative Stuff in Public Space (May 2011), part of the festival Invisible Architecture, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sept. 2011.

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