ELC Workshop

Workshop on electronic noise instrument making, addressed to inexperienced people.
Commissioned to a team of 6 artists from the North East by Copeland Borough Council.
Whitehaven, Cumbria, United Kingdom. June 2011.

ELC is Alessandro Altavilla, Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, Andrzej Wojtas, Benjamin Freeth, Ben Thompson, Jane Dudman.


6 digital media artists delivered a full day workshop on making and playing home made electronic instruments/noise-makers. Each participant was guided through the process of using simple electronics to make a noise maker and then devise a decorative casing to house their electronics and amplify the sound.

At the end of the workshop each participant had their own instrument to take away with them and written instructions as a reminder. This fantastic workshop was provided free by Copeland Borough Council. Participants got opportunity to play around with little circuits and make their very own instrument to take away.Full tuition was on hand for absolute beginners who have never seen a circuit before and for those wanting to play around with more sounds.

Final part of the workshop was a collective sound performance by all participants, playing their instruments together outside the venue and in a procession through Whitehaven. ELC was providing a method of making an instrument that is suitable for complete beginners and can be extended to those more experienced with electronics

More info and video available at http://niochnioszki.net/elc.html

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